Maserati Oil Change Service

Maserati Oil Change Service - Joe Rizza Maserati

An oil change is the most frequently performed, quickest, and most affordable maintenance procedure required for a vehicle. And while that might make it sound unimportant, adherence to the oil change schedule for your vehicle is vital to its continuing to run like new. Joe Rizza Maserati has put together this guide to explain the importance of oil changes, how to spot potential oil-related problems, and some Maserati-specific oil change information.

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When Is It Time To Change The Oil In Your Maserati?

There is no one answer to this question. Most newer Maserati models have an oil change interval of 12,500 miles, with the obvious exception of the all-electric GranTurismo Folgore. Older models, and we should stress that they don’t have to be all that old, will have shorter intervals. The best way to know for sure, and this applies to any kind of scheduled maintenance, is to check your owner’s manual.

There are other factors that can make it necessary to change your oil more frequently, like extended periods of extreme hot or cold weather. Hard driving that includes keeping engine revs high can also contribute to a need to change the oil more frequently. Maserati makes some seriously fast vehicles, and people who take them to the racetrack, even just casually for track days, should change their oil more frequently.

How To Spot An Engine Oil Problem

Sometimes a vehicle’s engine oil will require more immediate attention than the regularly scheduled maintenance. It’s important to know what to look for in order to spot these situations before they become a bigger problem.

Maserati Oil Change Service

Oil Puddles Or Stains

This one is pretty self-explanatory, oil puddles or stains on the ground under where you regularly park your vehicle is generally a sign that oil is leaking out. It can sometimes be easy to miss, since your vehicle will generally be blocking your view of the ground, but it’s a good idea to occasionally check to see if you see anything. Sometimes water, condensation from the air conditioning system, can be mistaken for oil, so it’s also important to take a closer look if you do see something. A few things could cause this, and sometimes it will just require the drain plug to be tightened, but there are a number of gaskets that hold in oil, and one or more of these might need to be replaced. You should bring your vehicle in to be serviced right away if you see that you have an oil leak, as it could get worse and cause a bigger problem quickly.

Maserati Oil Change Service

Engine Oil Warning Light

An engine oil warning light is specifically triggered by low oil pressure. This might be because you’re simply low on oil, or it could be because of a bigger problem. Either way, low oil pressure leads to engine damage very quickly, and it is strongly suggested that you bring your vehicle in to be serviced immediately.

Why Get Your Oil Changed At Joe Rizza Maserati

There are plenty of places in the Chicago area where you can get an oil change for your Maserati, so why should you get one at Joe Rizza Maserati? That’s pretty simple, Maserati vehicles are highly specialized, requiring very specific oil types, and many service centers that service a wide array of vehicles may not be aware of the specific oil required by your Maserati. Additionally, Maserati oil filters are not likely to be stocked at these places, and so you might end up with a generic filter that hasn’t been designed to the same high standards as a genuine OEM part. But no repair facility knows Maserati vehicles better than a Maserati dealership where Maserati-trained technicians work on nothing but Maserati vehicles all day, every day. Your vehicle is in safe hands with the Maserati experts at Joe Rizza Maserati.